Series 4 of Doctor Who was preceded by the 2007 Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned, began airing with Partners in Crime on 5 April 2008 and concluded with Journey's End on 5 July 2008. It featured David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble.

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No. in Series Title Writer Date of Broadcast
N/A Voyage of the Damned Russell T. Davies 25/12/2007
The TARDIS collides with a starliner called the Titanic, orbiting Earth for Christmas. When a saboteur critically damages the ship and threatens the planet below, the Doctor jumps into action.

Main Series (2008) Edit

No. in Series Title Writer Date of Broadcast
#1 Partners in Crime Russell T. Davies 05/04/2008
Donna and the Doctor run into each other again and unite to stop a plot to breed an alien race with the fat of millions of people.
#2 The Fires of Pompeii James Moran 12/04/2008
The Doctor has to make monumental choices when he and Donna land in Pompeii one day before history is set to be made and alien intervention puts the Doctor's integrity on the line.
#3 Planet of the Ood Keith Temple 19/04/2008
The TARDIS lands on the Ood Sphere in the 42nd century where the peaceful race are being overtaken by the same red-eye condition the Doctor encountered the last time.
#4 The Sontaran Stratagem Helen Raynor 26/04/2008
Martha calls the Doctor back to Earth to look into ATMOS, a device UNIT believes to be of alien origin. While Donna visits her family, the Doctor again meets an old enemy watching the planet from the skies.
#5 The Poison Sky Helen Raynor 03/05/2008
While the Sontarans watch the Earth below them choke, Donna sneaks around the ship looking to reactive the teleport to return home and the Doctor tries to keep UNIT from taking drastic action.
#6 The Doctor's Daughter Stephen Greenhorn 10/05/2008
Losing control of the TARDIS and winding up in the middle of a war zone, the Doctor has to juggle finding a lost Martha, preventing a wide scale genocide and being a father again.
#7 The Unicorn and the Wasp Gareth Roberts 17/05/2008
Meeting Agatha Christie at a 1920s garden party, guests start being killed in the same fashion as her books, so the Doctor and Donna play sleuth to find the killer.
#8 Silence in the Library Steven Moffat 31/05/2008
Called to a silent, planet-sized library, the Doctor, Donna and an archeological team, lead by the mysterious River Song, look into the last message recorded in the library, 'Count the Shadows'
#9 Forest of the Dead Steven Moffat 07/06/2008
While trying to understand River Song, the Doctor hurries to save Donna and everybody in the Library with the Vashta Nerada growing and spreading all around him.
#10 Midnight Russell T. Davies 14/06/2008
The Doctor and a group of tourists a stuck in a bus stranded on an uninhabitable planet being besiged by a monster than cannot possibly exist, when everybody starts to turn on each other.
#11 Turn Left Russell T. Davies 21/06/2008
Donna is placed in a parallel universe wherein the Doctor didn't survive the Racnoss invasion, as numerous catastrophes were not prevented, leaving her and her family in a total dystopia.
#12 The Stolen Earth Russell T. Davies 28/06/2008
Racing back to Earth, the Doctor and Donna arrive to find it stolen from it's place. Elsewhere across the universe, the Doctor's old companions look outside to find the sky filled with 26 planets.
#13 Journey's End Russell T. Davies 05/07/2008
With Davros and the Daleks stronger than ever, the Doctor and his companions band together under explosive stakes to prevent the destruction of all reality.

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Note: 'Highest' and 'Lowest' ratings are only applicable to the main series, discounting the Christmas Special.

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